Jo Cordell

Singer, Vocal Coach and Pianist

Piano Music Off the Beaten Track

When you think learning piano, you’re perhaps most likely to think about classical composers such as Mozart, Chopin or Bach. Whilst these composers created some wonderful music, I do enjoy taking my students a little off the beaten path and introducing them to more modern composers that perhaps aren’t quite so thought about when it comes to piano.

I’ve had a lot of success teaching students music from the Final Fantasy series of video games (composed by Japanese composer Nobuo Uematsu) such as Aerith’s Theme and Tifa’s Theme (from Final Fantasy 7) and To Zanarkand (from Final Fantasy 10).

There is also a wealth of beautiful music from the movies such as The Farm (from The Road to Perdition soundtrack by Thomas Newman).

….and not forgetting one of the most popular TV shows ever – Lost, with the track Thinking Clairely by Michael Giacchino.

Whilst performing some of these pieces sometimes doesn’t require the same sort of technical skill required for some classical works, there is value to be gained by playing something beautiful and emotional, with feeling and also, to some extent, to be able to play something that has relevance in popular culture.

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