Jo Cordell

Singer, Vocal Coach and Pianist

May Wedding at the Spa Hotel

We were blessed with plenty of sunny days in May and on a gorgeous afternoon. I performed piano and singing at the wedding reception of a former singing student of mine. The event was relaxed and due to be over by 5pm, with the guests enjoying their meal accompanied by gentle music. At one point I had to add an extended instrumental section to Over the Rainbow as the bride’s mother came over to chat to me about how much she enjoyed the performance – playing while talking is an essential skill for a wedding pianist.

The venue was the Spa Hotel in Tunbridge Wells and the room was easy enough to load in to and had good acoustics too. It also made the afternoon more fun when the staff were friendly too. This particular time, not only did a waiter help me out with my equipment,  I also received the compliment “You sing lovely, much better than last night’s one” from him!

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