Jo Cordell

Singer, Vocal Coach and Pianist

JC Vocals Summer Show 2011

The 6th annual JC Vocals show – 2011’s summer show on Saturday 25th June at the Angel Centre in Tonbridge was a fantastic night with a total of 22 students performing to over 140 audience members. The setlist this year was dominated by songs by Adele and Bruno Mars who seem to be very popular with students at the moment. A notable performance of Sailing from one of Jo’s more mature students, Ian Jaffray had the audience cheering and clapping along. Also worth a mention due to it being one of my favourites, and a very difficult song to sing was Crazy by Seal, sung on the night by Matt King.

Jo herself sang an Adele song, Set Fire to the Rain at the end, an interesting upbeat departure from the selection of ballads she has sung on previous years. Awards were presented to Helena Clarke (Effort Award), Ellie Macdonald (Achievement Award and Long Note Award) and to Milly McCarron for Student of the Year 2011. Special mentions were also given to Paige Hackworth, Mae Frischauer & Harry Lacey for exceptional progress this year.

The show takes an unbelievable amount of preparation to put on but I think we can all agree it’s worth it. One of the great things about the shows is, for me, as a relative outsider to Jo’s students, I get to see the progress they make over the years. This year, there were several students who were in last year’s show who have either grown up that bit more or grown as performers. The shows are also a great oppotunity for new students who attend the show to see some sort of end result to singing lessons and it helps them visualise themselves performing on that stage someday and it was a great feeling to see those who attended last year’s show show as an audience member to be giving their all on stage as a performer this year.

Next year, as part of out continuous improvements to the show, we’re thinking of a change from the Angel Centre but will let you know details as and when we know them.

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